The organization's priority is to place every dog that comes into our program with their forever home. If you are unfamiliar with the breed, we highly recommend reading our resource article discussing some pros and cons of the breed. If you've never rescued or fostered a dog before, it's helpful to be aware of the "3-3-3" rule. A rescued or re-homed dog is a work in process and will take some time and love to blossom into the perfect companion.

Adoption Application

The first step in bringing a rescue weimaraner into your home is to fill out our adoption application. A member of our team will reach out to get further information to make sure you and your home is a good fit for one of our available dogs. Even if we do not have a dog available immediately, it is best to get an application on file so that we may contact you as soon as a dog that fits your needs comes into our program. 

Adoption Fees

 Age Fee
Less than 1 year $600
1-3 years old $500
4-6 years old $350
7-9 years old $250
10+ years (or medical) $100

Fees to adopt vary from $0 to $600 depending upon several factors, primarily age, health, and temperament. For example, we may lower the fee on an elderly dog who has been in our program for a while with ongoing health concerns but adopt a healthy puppy with no temperament issues at the upper range of our fee structure. Adoption fees cover the costs incurred by us to bring a dog into our program including upfront medical care and assessments; spaying/neutering; shelter fees; foster costs including food, bedding, and other supplies; transportation; and behavioral assessments. There are cases where costs for a dog far exceed the adoption fee so any fees received in excess of costs incurred on a healthy dog will be used to cover excess costs incurred on dogs within our program. 

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We do not have kennels or boarding facilities for our program so we rely heavily on foster volunteers to support our mission. We also understand it may take several weeks for a dog to decompress enough to start showing its true temperament after being in a shelter or in a new/different home. For this reason, we allow for a foster-to-adopt arrangement whereby a foster takes a dog in then decides after 21 days to make the adoption official. And, if for any reason the dog is not a good fit, we will gladly accept the dog back into our program. Fosters who decide to adopt the dog they are fostering also pay an adoption fee. 

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Available Dogs

At this point in time we maintain a listing of all dogs on our RescueMe site and cross post to our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. We recommend following our social media for the most up-to-date information on available or upcoming dogs.

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