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So You Think You Want a Weimaraner

You've seen the Weimaraner before...on album covers, in the New York subway system, in fancy car ads, hanging out with Brad Pitt with their beautiful, grey, slick coats and mesmerizing eyes.

Weimaraners in magazines

Sure they would look great in your Instagram feed but can you actually live with one?

Weimaraner with Brad Pitt

The Weimaraner can be a tough breed to own if you're not aware of their unique needs. Mental and physical stimulation is key and they may be more sensitive than your average mutt when it comes to diet and veterinary care.

Southern California breeder Anne Taguchi of Touchstone Weimaraners has a great website called Just Weimaraners that contains a plethora of articles discussing these quirks of the breed and we recommend anyone considering owning a Weimaraner browse around their site and read the many informative articles. 

A few key articles include:

Visit the Just Weimaraners site

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