The reality is, sometimes, life just doesn’t work out the way we intended. We know it is a difficult decision to make regarding surrendering your Weimaraner. Whether it is due to financial circumstances, relocation for employment, health reasons, or life changes, it is a decision that is not easily made. 

We’re here to help.

Fill out our surrender form and, once submitted, one of our volunteers will review the completed form and get in touch with you about next steps. Once we are in possession of your Weimaraner, we will coordinate with all prospective homes; you don’t need to do anything else.

Before filling out this form, please note:

  • we request dogs to be altered prior to surrender and may charge a fee to accept an unaltered dog with potential exceptions related to health or age. Refer to our article on local spay/neuter resources.
  • we require a rabies certification (in accordance with State law). Please contact your vet to get a copy of your rabies vaccination record or ensure your animal is up to date on their rabies vaccination prior to surrender. Refer to our article on vaccination resources.
  • we do not foster dogs temporarily; only submit this form if you intend to completely relinquish ownership of your dog to the organization so that we may find them a new home
  • our insurance coverage prohibits us from taking in dogs with a documented bite history
  • our resources are focused on the Weimaraner breed, we are unable to accept other breeds or Weimaraner mixes into our program

If you are unsure if your situation requires a full surrender or if you would like to discuss the details of your case prior to submitting a form, you may reach out to us via social media (Facebook or Instagram) or via our contact form.

If we are unable to accept your dog into our program, we may be able to offer recommendations or referrals to alternate resources.

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