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Weimaraner Rescue in Southern California: A(nother) Remarkable Year

In July 2022 SoCal Weimaraner Rescue picked up where CalWEAR left off to carry on Weimaraner rescue in the Southern California region. Over the past twelve months, our dedicated team of board members and volunteers have not skipped a beat connecting Weimaraners in need to their new forever homes. So, though Weimaraner rescue in Southern California is not new, we still take a moment to reflect on key statistics of our impact over the past year since CalWEAR passed us the baton. 

Dogs Taken into Our Program:

106 dogs have been taken into our program over the course of one year. This includes THREE litters. This averages out to an impressive intake of seven dogs per month. Each new arrival has brought us new opportunities to make a difference in their lives.

Source of Dogs:

Of the total dogs taken into our program, approximately 41% were rescued from shelters, while the remaining 59% were owner surrenders. This reflects our commitment to helping dogs in various circumstances, whether they have been abandoned or are in need of a new home due to unforeseen circumstances.

Gender Breakdown:

We believe in providing equal care and attention to all dogs, regardless of their gender. Our statistics show that 55% of the dogs we rescued were males, while the remaining 45% were females.

Average Age at Intake:

The average age of the dogs we took into our program was 2.5 years. This average is slightly skewed by our unusual number of litters taken in over the past year. It is typically quite rare to find a puppy through rescue but not impossible. We tend to see a mix of adolescent-aged dogs (when the cute puppy has become its adult size and behavioral issues may start appearing) and adult dogs.

With each dog that comes through our doors, we are continually overwhelmed with gratitude for the support we have received from our community. The statistics we have shared today highlight the impact we have made on the lives of these dogs, transforming their stories from ones of hardship to tales of hope and love.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated team, volunteers, and supporters who have made this journey possible. With their continued support, we will strive to make an even greater difference in the lives of Weimaraners in the years to come.

Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion and together, let us continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for these incredible dogs.

Interested in volunteering? Fill out our volunteer application with your preferences. We can always use your support (especially fosters)! 

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