How It Started

In May of 2023, SoCal Weim Rescue took in an 11 week old puppy who was surrendered to a vet for euthanasia. Thankfully a wonderful vet tech at the facility contacted SoCal Weimaraner rescue to see if we could take her in and we agreed to support her fight for recovery. The organization got in touch with Hazel's previous owners (the ones who left her at the vet for euthanasia) and learned Hazel was never healthy from day one. The prior owners purchased her off of Craig's List and were told she was a silver lab. She had no energy and slept a lot and was taken to the vet twice in the course of 1 1/2 weeks of ownership. 

We were told that she was negative for Parvo and Distemper but positive for Giardia….easily treatable we thought. What we found when she was transferred to our vet was a puppy that weighed 8 pounds and should have weighed 18! Skeletal but in good spirits we thought if we could get the Giardia under control and some weight on her she would be a happy puppy in a new rescue home. WRONG!!! She was rushed to an emergency vet very lethargic and in extreme distress only a few days later. 

Once admitted to the ER, Hazel received IV therapy with hydration, antibiotics and pain meds. A recheck for Parvo was done and X-rays showed fluid in her abdomen while the ultrasound showed none. The overnight ER visit proved to be helpful as the next day Hazel was taking her many medications with chicken and keeping her food down. 
In the following days, her wonderfully patient and vigilant foster family kept a close eye on her health. After her ER visit, "stool watch" commenced and her foster parents sent many graphic stool photos to the team at SoCal Weim Rescue to share (and celebrate) the gradual improvement from bloody to solid to perfect stools and we were happy to receive the updates! 
The swelling in her abdomen was persistent and she later tested positive for worms and yet another round of medicines were prescribed. Hazel's condition remained guarded and despite slow progress, we were nervous we might lose sweet Hazel and the vet bills quickly and exponetially started to grow. We launched a fundraiser for her care and the amazing SoCal Weimaraner tribe rallied and was able to cover her costs.

How It's Going

Hazel's foster family who so wonderfully supported Hazel through her tough recovery decided to make it official and adopted her on Mother's Day of 2023. Hazel has continued to thrive and, we received the following updated from her new mom in August of 2023:

Hazel is now 45 lbs. 😳😆 and 6 months old! She is healthy, happy, and loved. She has a golden retriever bestie in our neighborhood who she loves to play with which is amazing as she has gotten so much more comfortable meeting new people and dogs! She has discovered she likes the rain, playing fetch, cuddles, chasing shadows, and is learning as she grows there’s more to reach and explore in the world and house - including her daily supplements of a hibiscus 🌺 flower from our garden. 😂 (don’t worry we’ve Vet checked and googled and it’s not a harmful hibiscus)

We are so pleased to have been able to save a dog otherwise scheduled for euthanasia and look forward to more updates from Hazel and family in the future!

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