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Meet Finn our miracle dog who is finally available for adoption!

Finn is a 5-year-old altered, microchipped mellow male. This gentle giant is 92 lbs., exceedingly smart, and learns tremendously fast! In less than 3 weeks he learned all his basics. Finn LOVES people and other dogs but he would prefer to eat cats so must live without them. Finn is the perfect companion dog for the early riser who is looking for a mellow Weim!

Finn the Weimaraner relaxed with his tongue hanging out

Finn has learned affection and attention, which were all new to this boy. Upon intake into our program, Finn's hind legs were atrophied from being confined for years and was walking on his hocks. With daily walks, exercise and massages, Finn has learned to walk on a leash and on his feet instead of on his hocks!

He has Addison's disease (same as JFK) and is treated with a monthly injection. The perfect home for Finn would be a mellow home without cats with people that will truly love him for the amazing dog that he is. No barking, no counter surfing, no separation anxiety, and stays off the furniture (seriously). He knows how to open screen doors, open water bottles, get out of a car seat belt without destroying the harness, and other usual Weim antics. He will definitely keep you entertained!

Finn the Weimaraner sitting pretty

He is fostered in San Diego and anxiously awaiting his furever home. Adoption fee is waived for best matched home!

Adoption Fee Waived
Age 5
Gender Neutered Male
Location San Diego
Weight 92 lbs
OK with Cats? No
OK with Kids? Yes

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